Neo Apartments

Grafton, Auckland

Three sides of the site bound private property so are not available for outlook. Only the south west boundary is available for outlook and as the street boundary is ideally fronted by apartments to give an active edge.

Block 1

Various plan forms were reviewed to meet the requirements of providing an active street frontage as well as giving bigger units access to the sun and views. The adopted form has a row of smaller apartments facing Madeira Lane. This is backed by a ‘U’ shaped run of larger units orientated to the North maximising sunlight and amenity. In the event, the adjacent site is developed all these units would still have access to sunlight and look over a courtyard that is over 20m wide and over 20m deep. This is as wide as a large street reserve.

Block 3
Block 4
Block 5
Block 6
Block 6
Block 7