Princes Wharf

The redevelopment of Princes Wharf on Auckland’s evolving waterfront was a unique opportunity to transform an abandoned set of buildings into a vibrant mixed-use development. Major planning decisions taken early in the design process set the scene for the entire development. 

Block 1

Locating a hotel at the seaward end of the wharf linking to a new passenger terminal seems obvious but was hotly debated at the time. The decision to activate the ground and first floors with retail and residential was readily accepted as was private car parks housed on the second and third levels. A series of ramps and bridges connect all six buildings for vehicles limiting the interaction of cars and pedestrians.

Block 3
Block 4

The wharf is located at sea, open to wind and rain. Covered pedestrian access is provided on each side of the central driveway, encouraging pedestrian access. Having an area of 120,000 m2 and housing 900 cars, the completed wharf encourages pedestrian activity. The architectural language of the redeveloped wharf is marine-influenced and evocative of a cruise liner. The colour palette is intentionally limited to the point of austerity allowing it to sit comfortably amongst visiting cruise liners.

Block 6
Block 7
Block 8

Block 10
Block 11
Block 12
Block 13
Block 14
Block 15