Tio Lane

Omaha Beach

A family bach located in Omaha Beach, one hours drive north of Auckland.

At the end of a cul-de-sac, the site faces north over a large nature reserve with ocean views beyond. A strict covenant necessitated the project to be single level with gabled roof forms.

The project explores the idea of carved form. Through subtraction, strong sculptural geometries are revealed and contrasted with colour and material texture.

Broken into two gabled volumes, the dwelling adopts an H-shape plan with sculpted ends. From the street, the building is enigmatic. This side provides a sense of entry while satisfying bedroom privacy and garaging that flank either side of the entrance. The northern side provides large glazed openings, while maintaining a carved form through expressed eaves.   

 While the building is a traditional construction of timber framing and cedar cedar cladding, the sculptural identity is maintained through careful transition of colour, texture and shape.