The Edgerley

Epsom, Auckland

This attractive and unique building was designed to comply with the now
abandoned planning zone, Residential 8. The rules of the zone included
Height in Relation to Boundary, recession planes, causing the building
to step away from boundaries. The development has five levels of
apartments and basement car parking. There are 81 apartments.
The building is elegantly conceptualised as a U shaped form in the south
east corner of the site with a fractured L shaped form wrapped around its
north east corner.
A variety of external spaces are created with an interesting series of
visually unfolding circulation pathways in and around the building.
The building sits well in its suburban context . It’s unusual plan lay out and
response to the recession planes of the old zone together with a variety of
materials and colours makes a playful and visually interesting addition to
Newmarket’s suburban fabric.